PCT, CNA, HHA……….Still going on!!!!

As we return to the regularly scheduled programming of our lives, post-hurricane Irma, we’re all grateful and blessed that our jobs are still secure and able. When potentially catastrophic events occur, it’s like our society lives in a state of uncertainty. In a world that should be black & white, everything seems gray. This inflicts job-related stress of the unknown. Luckily, when it comes to the medical field, there is little that is unknown.

If you’re like us and find comfort in some form of job security, you’ve come to the right place. Living in South Florida there are an endless amount of elderly people that require care, especially in times of a crisis. They require skilled and trained caregivers which is an extremely valuable asset to possess. When Hurricane Irma made landfall, it affected several nursing homes, and during a time where resources were low, CNA’s (Certified Nursing Assistants) were able to maintain a professional level of care throughout the storm. This is the reason CNA’s are extremely sought after alongside Home Health Aides (HHA’s) and Patient Care Technicians (PCT’s).

As a human, it’s almost as if you are fulfilling a moral obligation that naturally releases oxytocin throughout your bloodstream resulting in surge of happy emotions. So now we ask, are you happy? Are you secure? Are you struggling to find a job? If any of these questions strike a chord within you, it’s time for you to come in to Center for Career Training and get the ball rolling.

Become a Certified Nursing Assistant from the luxury of your own home.

As anybody knows, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) can be a tedious process. If you add a 30-60 minute commute into the equation, school can be a complete and utter headache.
Luckily, you came to the right place. For those commuting from surrounding cities like West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale or Miami, you may be able to cut back on your car mileage. Becoming a CNA is now feasible to accomplish as an online course.

All lectures and theory components of the course will be held online, while the skill competency component will be held in the physical classroom. Not a bad deal huh?

This scenario is ideal for people who have full time jobs, external commitments, children, etc. We’re excited to embark on this innovative journey with you, and we hope to see your face in the e-classroom!

Home Health Aides can become certified at home……… get it?

Who doesn’t love a corny pun? All jokes aside, Home Health AIdes (HHA), are now afforded the opportunity to take their courses online. That’s right, all lectures and theory components are held online. This is ideal for students that have full time jobs, families, and other external commitments that prevent them from enrolling in classes.

Essentially, this means you can indulge in your favorite reality show that diminishes brains cells by the second, all while taking notes during your HHA lectures on commercial breaks. (We’re kidding….. kinda..)

Online courses can be a life saver when it comes to finding time to be a dedicated student. Luckily, we’re here for you and our team is dedicated to providing you with constant online support.

So what do you say? Are you in to become a Home Health Aide that got certified from home? Come on, it’s a great joke.

When the economy is down, you may be up. – CNA

It’s no secret that finding a job in today’s day and age can be a major struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. Living in South Florida provides you with an endless amount of advantages. Since it’s summer 365 days a year, snowbirds tend to migrate south for the winter.

There is typically a spike in demand for home care aide in the winter season for this exact reason.

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a great way to solidify your chances of being hired, all while allowing yourself to establish a solid medical foundation and simultaneously helping those in need.

Looking to work in a nursing home or rehab facility? You’re in luck, because those are growing as well.

As you can see, becoming a CNA can give you an abundance of opportunities tailored to your path in the medical field. Hope to see you soon!

New to the U.S? No need to fear…….PCT is Here!!!!

As a medical professional making a major move by moving to another country, life can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether it’s a language barrier, culture shock, or just being plain old homesick, life can be rough when moving to a new country.

Aside from the lifestyle changes, finding a profession that can suit you on your new endeavors can be tedious and draining. Luckily, you have us to help you navigate through your new life.
Becoming a Patient Care Technician can assist in propelling your medical career by working directly with doctors and nurses. Taking the route to becoming a PCT and working in a hospital environment can strengthen your experience as a medical student. Establishing a solid foundation in EKG, CNA and Phlebotomy can help you successfully establish a foundation in the United States.

Looking to get into a quick summer class? Try CNA?

Summer time is the season for pool parties, annoying kids, and late nights. Why on earth would anybody want to go back to school during the summer months? I can tell you who, smart people.

Summer time in South Florida is the perfect time to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and the reason is quite logical. Completing the CNA course can have you certified and working before the end of summer. This is crucial because as Floridians, we know when the holiday season hits, snowbirds tend to migrate south. This opens up an endless amount of job opportunities that can range from working in a nursing home, to rehab facilities, or even private homes.

This is arguably one of the easiest ways to kick start your medical career considering you don’t necessarily need a high school diploma or GED. Basically, what are you waiting for?!

No high school diploma? No problem

Let’s be real, high school was a complete nightmare for 90% if the country, and the other 10% is still talking about their high school football championship they won back in 1989. I can confidently say that if it wasn’t for the scary thought of my parents beating and forcing me to stick it out until graduation, I may have been a high school dropout. To be honest, I envied their freedom. Nowadays, we see clearly see the benefits of having a high school diploma or GED, but not having these things doesn’t mean you’re doomed for a life of waiting tables.

Center for Career Training can actually get you working in the medical field in a matter of weeks, without a high school diploma. I know, sounds too good to be true right? Wrong.

Becoming certified as a Home Health Aide (HHA) or as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Your job opportunities can range from caring for elder patients in the privacy of their homes, becoming a caregiver in a nursing home, or even taking care of patients in a rehab center. That’s right, you don’t necessarily need a high school diploma or GED to be bringing home the bacon.

Another challenge that we see often is the language barrier. If English is not your first language, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We have helped a plethora of students that acquired English as a second language upon completing our course. Now with the big issues tacked, I ask you one question… What are you waiting for?

Looking to get into the medical field but don’t have High School diploma? Maybe train to become a HHA or CNA?

We all have that terrible ex-boyfriend/girlfriend that we try to forget about, and rightfully so. The past is the past, and that’s applicable to every aspect of our lives. (Thank god) It’s never too late to get started in your career, no matter how bad you may have messed up in the past.

At Center for Career Training (CCT), it has never been easier to become certified as a Home Health Aide (HHA) or a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Your opportunities are so vast and can range from working in a nursing home, working in a rehab facility, to even working inside an elderly patient’s private home.

Luckily, in South Florida, the demand for these career paths are at an all time high. Basically, it’s just be THAT much easier to start working as quickly as possible!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Looking to work in a hospital but have no medical experience? Maybe Try Working as a PCT?

Have you ever showed up to an exam but just so happened to forget your #2 pencil, which was just another affirmation as to how unprepared you are to take that dreaded test? Yea, same. Trying to enter the medical field and work in a hospital can provoke that exact same feeling when you have no experience, and quite frankly, you have no clue where to begin.

Luckily, we have your back. As a Patient Care Technician (Includes being certified in Phlebotomy, EKG, and as a CNA), you are afforded the opportunity of working in a hospital with no prior experience. Often times, students working towards their degree will opt for this option to gain field experience simultaneously. Another benefit is hospitals commonly assist in financing your educational endeavors.

Last but not least, PCT’s are viewed as the backbone of patient care throughout the hospital. Basically, you’re pretty friggin important!

If we didn’t just provide you with every possible reason for you to become certified, I clearly am being over paid for this blog post.

Hope to see you soon!

New to the country? Becoming a CNA may can help.

Moving to a foreign country can be beyond intimidating. Unfortunately, not everybody has the same experience Eddie Murphy had when “Coming to America.”

Fortunately, there are a plethora of options for those seeking entry to the medical field. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant can be a gateway to establish not only nursing, but a solid foundation for your future medical career. Due to the extremely high demand of CNA’s in South Florida, immigrants have a much greater chance of finding work in the medical field, and fast.

Becoming a CNA can be more than just your ”in”, but can also serve as an indicator if you decide to pursue a long term career in the medical field. Moral of the story, what are you waiting for?!

Looking for an advantage when job searching in the medical field? CNA can your answer.

Its 2017, and competition is fierce. We’re not just talking about the lovely aesthetic of your physical attributes, but we’re talking about competing for a job. It’s tough love out there, some will even go as far as saying it’s cut throat. Often times, we’re lead to the question, how can I stand out in a sea of culture vultures?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking to get certified as a CNA, you may have your golden ticket to super stardom. (We’re being a little dramatic here, I know.) As a CNA, you are given that extra edge over your counterparts if you choose to excel in the medical field.

It is also common for students to become certified prior to graduating college to gain real world experience. A firm foundation is key to excel in a nursing career.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, what are you waiting for?!

Looking to attend nursing school? Try this first.

The nursing profession is an ever growing field, and at times, making the first step can appear like a mega challenge. Luckily, we have 4 reasons as to why becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) should be your first step.

1. Often times, Nursing Institutions will give you credit for already being a CNA.
2. When it comes to Nursing Training, with a CNA certification, you’ll already have valuable training experience.
3. Similar to most positions in the medical field, CNA’s are in high demand in South Florida.
4. Your working environment is not limited to strictly a hospital. As a CNA you can work in Nursing Homes, Rehab facilities, or in private institutions with elderly patients.

Looking to attend P.A(Physician Assistant) school?

Let’s be real, any form of secondary education can strike us as America’s greatest hu$tle. Although this may (or may not depending on who is reading this) be true, medical education is definitely mandatory.

Phlebotomy is known as the entry level stepping stone in the medical field. It is extremely common for students to complete the Phlebotomy course in an effort to complete the requirements for a Physician’s Assistant (P.A) and for Nursing school. Phlebotomist are granted the luxury of working in a hospital and obtaining contact hours that is a major catalyst in progressing your education and future career opportunities. This may seem like the dream job, but it’s no walk in the park. Proper training and guidance is absolutely necessary, and that’s where we come in. At Center For Career Training (CCT), we pride yourselves on making your experience personal, and worthwhile. The demand for phlebotomist in South Florida is increasingly high, so job placement should never be a challenge.

Now that you’ve got all the tools, we hope to see you soon!

Becoming a Home Health Aide may be the most flexible job you’ve ever had

Aging is a process every human must face. We’ve all had or witnessed that moment of panic when somebody spots their first grey hair. More often times than not, it is not a pleasant experience.
The demand for Home Health Aides (HHA) will never go out of style, because aging is inevitable. HHA’s are necessary for older family members that are incapable of completing everyday life activities independently.

Center for Career Training (CCT) provides you with the tools to become a HHA in a relatively short amount of time. The aging process can be stressful on it’s own, and it is our job to equip you with all the training necessary to make your client’s aging transition as graceful and seamless as possible.

In South Florida, snow birds are notorious for hiding out in our backyard. 6 months out of the year, many families are seeking a guaranteed HHA that provides quality services.

If any of this looks appealing to your beautiful eyes, we hope to help you begin your journey as a Home Health Aide!

Patient Care Technician(CNA, EKG, & Phlebotomy) for Flexible Work Hours

Are you currently a student looking for quick cash? Read this.

As a college student, money can be tight. I’m talking jeans busting at the seams tight. With late nights filled with studying and crappy fast food bites, and early mornings filled with boring lecture halls, it can be difficult to find a job that is tailored to your schedule. Thankfully, we may have a realistic and practical alternative for you.

At Center for Career Training (CCT), we afford you the opportunity to become a Patient Care Technician (PCT). PCT’s are popular among many college students because it not only gives you real-life medical experience, but it also can be your golden ticket to a feasible job opportunity. Typically, students can work three, twelve-hour shifts a week while working towards their undergraduate degree!

Hustle is a quality that can’t be taught, so if you’re a struggling undergrad student looking for medical experience along with some cash on the side, you are already making a forward step in the right direction with our PCT course.

3 reasons why becoming a CNA is your best bet

In a society where jobs are scarce and bills are high, it can seem as if we are on a hamster wheel of doom. One industry that never goes out of style is the medical field. Think about it, there is ALWAYS a need for medical caretakers. Especially Certified Nursing Assistants. Here are 3 reasons why becoming a CNA is your best bet:

1) There is an immense amount of entry level opportunity as a CNA in South Florida. Why does that matter? You’ll never be out of a job ever again.

2) CNA’s often work in nursing homes, retirement homes, or any other healthcare facility. The hospital environment is not for everybody, working in remote locations like the ones listed can be a great alternative.

3) You can become trained in weeks. Many times, school can become a drag, inconvenient, and just plain old boring. At Center for Career Training (CCT), you are provided with the opportunity to become certified on a fast track that will get you working quicker than you can say “Certified Nursing Assistant”.

Becoming a Home Health Aide may be your quickest way to your next paycheck

Home Health Aide’s are becoming increasingly popular. A major benefit to becoming a HHA is the flexibility of working in private environments.

Often times, the hospital environment can be highly stressful and intense. Home health aide’s are provided with the luxury of working in home care environments.

Time seems to be our most valuable asset on this planet, and it seems as if we can never get enough of it.

Thankfully, the HHA certification only requires 75 of lecture and practical hours. Let’s break this down for you, there are 24 hours in one day, 168 hours in one week, and 730 hours in one month. Something tells us, you can fit 75 hours into your busy schedules.

How to Fulfill CNA and Patient Care Training Requirements for Physician Assistant(PA) Program

The Bachelor’s degree major of Physician Assistant(PA) has grown tremendously in recent years. The significant increase in popularity is driven by several factors. Due to rising costs and the long duration of attending medical school, many potential doctors have chosen to peruse the PA route.

Physician Assistants are now commanding generous salary’s which are comparable to some doctors. In addition, the two years of PA school replaces the traditional 4-year medical school path. Hence, this will result in lower overall costs in tuition fees ,allow a comfortable wage in their chosen career.

However, the increase in public awareness concerning this matter has drawn many potential college students to consider this as a choice of study. Thus, creating an extremely competitive environment for students to gain acceptance. Grade Point Average is considerably weighed in the admissions process. Yet, this is not the only factor that is taken into the final decision making process.

Developing into a CNA(Certified Nursing Assistant) and a Patient Care Accociate/Tech(PCA/PCT) is now strongly encouraged for future PA’s to matriculate int. Furthermore, obtaining actual work experience, preferably in a hospital setting, will enable a student to work the hours that is required by each specific PA Institution.

Moreover, these are the skills and experience that will be acquired and used throughout the duration of a medical career. The training ground to develop this foundation is paramount. Proper real world training will lead to to future success!

For those who want to join the medical field(PCT), but need a flexible schedule(Working in a Hospital).

It seems like life makes us pick two out of the following three, a successful career, maintaining your physical well being, and having a social life. It’s like this never ending struggle that continuously places us in this trifecta of doom. We’re here to tell you, you’re not alone.

This constant conflict of having some sort of balance in our lives can drive us INSANE. Are you a parent? Are you seeking a career that will not only support your family but allow you access to the complete trifecta? You have come to the right place my friend.

Patient Care Technicians (PCT’s), are not only one of the most critical roles in the medical field, but it may allow you to play your most critical role in life, being a parent. As a PCT, you are geared to work in hospitals, working directly with doctors and nurses. As you may know, you are required to have another crucial trifecta. A phlebotomy certification, EKG certification, and a FL Nursing Assistant license. By combining these medical forces, you have officially become a PCT. Although this may sound slightly overwhelming, we’re about to tell you why PCT’s are extremely popular amongst individuals who have families.

When it comes to working in hospitals, a patient care tech is granted immense flexibility. Typically, they work three days a week, for twelve hour shifts. Doesn’t sound too shabby, eh?

Not only are you afforded flexibility, but you are also granted security. By working in a hospital, you receive great benefits (i.e health care, etc.), and if you do well, some hospitals even pay for your higher education.

We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. Center for Career Training (CCT) offers a short term PCT program, that can get you professionally trained in less than two months. CCT is licensed by state of FL, the Commission of Independent Education & FL Department of Education. In layman terms, all of the courses you will take are outlined and guided by the state of Florida.

It is time to take control of your self-inflicted trifecta of doom, and enroll in a brighter future. Hope to see you soon!

Patient Care Technician to help people

There is one thing that every human being across the universe has in common. There comes a point in our lifetime where we become, dare I say it, old. Can anybody actually define the term old? According to the old(pun intended) reliable Google, the proper definition is “ having lived for a long time; no longer young ”.

Now that we’ve let Google’s atrocious excuse for a definition sink in, I’d like to share with you that you are only as old as you feel. I know “old” people in their seventies who make it a priority to go salsa dancing once a week, and others whom no longer afford the luxury of being able to walk. Like I said, old is a feeling, not an age. In an effort to keep our souls vibrant, and lively, we depend on the company that surrounds us.

In the medical field, Patient Care Technicians play a critical role. They aid patients in hospitals, nursing homes and even doctor’s offices. In fact, they spend the most time with the patients. When facing a critical illness, or health issue, no matter our age, we feel old and we feel helpless.

I’ve had the pleasure of observing the effects of a loving, caring, and gentle Patient Care Technician. My grandfather has a disease known as Cirrhosis of the liver. It can lead to liver failure and his spirits were down. His Patient Care Tech took care of him with love and kindness, which fed his soul, far beyond the ice chips she fed his mouth.

Beyond making a sound living, you are replenishing the soul of those who need you most. You can be leading a life of servitude without even realizing it.

Is Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant Really Worth It?

Certified Nursing Assistant’s are like men, you may hate them at times, but you need them.

All jokes aside, I am a major advocate for those who don’t have a voice. I do not mean that statement literally. For example, imagine a picture of yourself at the tender age of one years old. You were entirely co-dependent. Your life relied on the care taking your parents and/or guardian provided. Hopefully, you were showered with love, respect and validation. If you were not, it’s not too late, hopefully you get a loving CNA when the time comes. (Is dying too morbid of a topic to crack jokes?)

Regardless, the responsibilities that come with being a CNA are nearly identical to those of a new born baby. Bob Marley said it best, “ Once a man, and twice a child.”

You are on this website for a reason. If you are unhappy with your life, your job, or whatever your current situation is, you may be a victim of narcissism. Essentially, this is a disorder of inflated self importance. Of course, I don’t know you personally, but I know your type. I was you.

When I use the term “Narcissist”, I use it very loosely. I am not saying you run around and shout to the world about how great you are, but you have found a way to convince yourself you are not enough, and you have no way to make it better. You have an enormous amount of self-pity, you play victim to the circumstances life has thrown at you or you have created. Well guess what? It’s time to do something about it.

To achieve happiness that goes far beyond your job title, you must change your lifestyle. You must lead a life of servitude. The literal meaning of servitude is the state of being a slave or completely subject to someone more powerful. In this current scenario, you need to lead a life of servitude, and the higher power is your happiness and security.

Now that we have gotten past this free therapy session, I’d like you to truly take five minutes to think about why you are here. How did you get here? How did you find this website? Why did you click on this blog post? What do you want to get out of this this experience?

The answer is clear. Your soul is yearning with the desire to help others. Subconsciously, you are itching to lead a life of servitude, but you do not know how.

It’s time to give a voice to not only the one year old infant that was once you, but to a community of elders that need you. Your calling may not be becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, but if you are looking to get started in the medical field, I can confidently say Center For Career Training will provide you with the tools to begin living your life of servitude. Happiness is a quality that can’t be bought.

A Patient Care Technician Student ‘s Journey

When I reflect on how I became skilled to work in the hospital is still amazing to me. It is a real fact that someone can get trained in about two months and advantage of the growing job opportunities in the medical field. More specifically, the hospital.

Patient Care Technician roles are extremely prevalent throughout Broward county. The title is geared to assist Registered Nurses and Doctors with the care of all patients within the hospital environment. Hence, I took it upon myself to find out where and how I can become trained in the dynamic field. Furthermore, I did not possess the time and money for traditional schooling.

After much research online, I learned that Center for Career Training has many positive reviews in conjunction with preparing their students for openings in the hospital to work as a patient care technicians/associates. Upon my visit, The institution made me feel extremely comfortable and projected all of the possibilities.

For example, there are many potential Physician Assistant(PA) and Registered Nurse(RN) students that pursue the Patient care route. Apparently, the desired program requires a certain amount of actual patient contact hours. In addition, the experience gained can offer future participation within the organization.

Moreover, the process only took 7 weeks. Lecture, theory and Skills(Hands on) are all part of the curriculum. This all prepared us for Florida’s Nursing State Board Exam. After passing this exam successfully, you will issued a State License. Essentially, you become a Certified Nursing Assistant(CNA) while also learning how to draw blood(Phlebotomy), and grasping how to make sense out of the heart machine(EKG). The combination of the State License, Phlebotomy, and EKG will enable you to apply for openings as a Patient Care Technician/Patient Care Associate(PCT/PCA).

Seeing all of the many hospital that were hiring was exciting. I kept applying and interviewing until it was finally my moment to get hired. Being able to help people is my true excitement. Achieving this goal just took commitment and effort. Center for Career Training held my hand step by step throughout the process.

PCT’S work 3 days a week with 12 hour shifts. This allows me to have a great career and time for my family. The balance that is available to me gives me much joy and happiness. The 7 weeks of training was truly worth the work!

How does Training to become Home Health Aide(HHA), a CNA, and a Patient Care assist you in becoming a Registered Nurse?

Ultimately, getting certified as a Home Health Aide(HHA) will give a student the foundation of becoming a caretaker as a career option. The aspect of learning and acquiring essential pre-nursing skills is key in becoming a successful nurse. Although most certified HHA’s work inside an elderly patient’s home, the knowledge obtained in the classroom establishes a foundation that possess the ability to create a future nurse with a solid foundation.

In addition, working to become a CNA/Certified Nursing Assistant can be equally as rewarding. The passing of the State Board Exam is a part of obtaining the requirement licensure in order to work in the hospital as a Patient Care. This position will work in conjunction with the Doctor and the Registered Nurse.

Most CNA’s can work in a Nursing home, a rehabilitation center, or inside an elderly patient’s home. However, this is also a natural progression to elevate and gain access into a Registered Nursing program. Also, many nursing schools will give a student credit for already being a CNA.

Furthermore, a CNA can gain employment in a hospital as a Patient Care by obtaining EKG and Phlebotomy certificates. Hence, when a student combines their CNA license with EKG and Phlebotomy certificates, he/she can be qualified as a Patient Care in a hospital
Many current and potential RN students will use this option as a way to receive valuable hours in a hospital environment and possibly obtain school credit.

Moreover, an abundance of Physician Assistant students view this as a favorable choice in order to get their required practical hours for their program.

Receiving the specific knowledge can give a students a solid foundation for a field that is growing in demand. Center for Career Training specializes in HHA, CNA, and Patient Care preparations.

Training to work in a Hospital, A Nursing

Training to work in a Hospital, A Nursing Home, and Private care duty is in Demand

The medical field has witnessed a significant increase in work opportunities. Currently, the healthcare
industry is recruiting qualified candidates for jobs that are in Demand, and do not take months or years
of prior schooling. Simply put, many potential students are not afforded the opportunity to completely
stop their daily lives in order to pursue full time training.

Hence, obtaining the proper knowledge in a reasonable time frame while maintaining a stronghold on
daily responsibilities is essential. Attending an institution that offers a flexible schedule, and flexible
payment arrangements at affordable tuition costs, can make attending school a realistic option.

Furthermore, this will bring students one step closer to finding employment. Within weeks, it is possible
to get trained with the skills to either work in a hospital, in a nursing home, an assisted living facility, and
inside a patient’s home.

Some examples of these specific courses are Home Health Aide(HHA), Certified Nursing Assistant(CNA), and learning to work as a Patient Care. There are numerous examples of how students can attend class, work full time, take of the family, and anything else life throws at them. Meanwhile, acquiring the skills and knowledge weeks. Therefore, it is very important to locate a school that can work with the needs of each student on an individual basis.

Everything is possible when you make that sacrifice for something that is real!

New demands for CNA in 2016

Center for Career Training has noticed a new demand with obtaining a Certified Nursing Assistant License and training to work as a Patient Care in 2016. Many students choose CCT as their institution of choice so they can obtain both a Home Health Aide Certifications, work as a Patient Care, and to obtain a Nursing Assistant State Board License.

A big reason for this decision is because future graduates are able and willing to use the CNA course as a stepping stone that will assist in further their career path.

For example, students have participated in the CNA and Patient Care classes because other institutions will encourage this particular type of medical training by solidifying a foundation.

CCT instructs enrolled learners who are preparing for a career in Radiology, Sonography, Social Work, a Registered Nurse, or a Medical Doctor.

Many of CCT’s students will receive credit for already being a CNA and taking Patient Care Courses. In addition, they will possess different work opportunities in a Hospital, a Nursing Home, and Assisted Living Facility, or Home Care duty.

All of this is possible prior to furthering their Overall, this shift has allowed many students to begin working in the medical field and obtaining crucial knowledge and certification that will enhance the projected work and school goal dream.

Center for Career Training realizes the importance of getting student ready for the career of choice. Hence, the instructors work extremely hard to provide the knowledge for all future medical endeavors.

HHA, Or CNA? How Do I Choose?

There are many different ways to enter the medical field, and there are several options to choose from. In South Florida, work and job opportunities are available on different levels. The career outlooks are in abundance and can be catered to individual goals. There are many benefits on being able to choose which fast medical training to study.

Home Health Aides(HHA) are in demand and this is a relatively short program that can be completed within 2-3 weeks. This course will allow you to be trained with Florida requirements in order to work inside an elderly patients home. The medical skills taught will enable an aide to be a proficient caretaker within an in demand market, In addition, a student is not required to take a State Board exam as long as the school they attend is licensed with the state of Florida.

Moreover, Certified Nursing Assistant(CNA) will allow you to have more options in the medical field. Many graduates will find ample work prospects in Nursing homes, Assistant Living Facilities, and working in a patient’s home. Also, the is a State Board Exam that must be passed and this will make you state certified.

Furthermore, working in a hospital might be your preference, This is looked upon as being able to work as a patient care. Many CNA’s or students that are positioned to be future CNA’s will add on Phlebotomy(drawing blood) and EKG(reading the heart machine), These short course are 2 weeks and 1 week respectively, and can allow you to obtain the necessary skills to work as a Patient Care in a hospital.

Hence, an institution such as Center for Career Training can allow you customize a training plan that fits your current and future career plan within the medical field. Many students take steps to obtain their dreams and working towards a specific job can help you decide which program to get involved with.

How do I Pay for school(Patient Care, Home Health Aide-HHA-CNA)?

How do I Pay for school(Patient Care, Home Health Aide-HHA-CNA)?

Center for Career Training offers fast term medical training for students from all different backgrounds. We believe in all students graduating DEBT FREE! There are no loans to pay back. Individual Financial Plans are worked out on a case by case basis.

Some of our students are not working, or working part time, or working full time………As long it is a good fit, we can try to work out a positive plan for each student. We understand that life happens and we are here to pick you up and carry you along.

Sometimes, it is all about getting that first start. We try to not let finances get in the way of success. Push forward and Center for Career Training will do their utmost best to work out a personalized plan for everyone!.

Is it a good time to become a Home Health Aide and/or CNA?

Is it a good time to become a Home Health Aide and/or CNA?

Becoming a Home Health Aide and a CNA is a choice in a professional field that requires short term training in the State of Florida. The lecture and hands on training style at Center for Career Training will allow students to learn the required skills and knowledge in a growing sector of the medical field.

South Florida is the unofficial retirement capital of the country, and the elderly healthcare sector continues to grow every year. There are more elderly people moving to South Florida and living in South Florida on a continuous basis. How will they be taken care of in their twilight years?

According to Learn.org, Home Health Aides and certified nursing assistant jobs are projected to grow 48% and 21% respectively through 2022.

Essentially, the elderly will require home health aides and certified nursing assistants for daily living assistance and care. Most HHA’s will work inside the home while performing private care duty. Meanwhile, many CNA’s will work in Nursing homes or Assisting living facilities, perform home care duty, and many can take additional classes to learn how to work in a hospital as a Patient care. This would require adding on Phlebotomy and EKG. Center for Career Training will provide a glimpse of these options to all students. In addition, a high school diploma or GED is not required to participate in these classes and more importantly, work can be obtained in a nursing home and a private care setting.

Furthermore, many people do not have months or years to spend in school. A potential student can learn all of the required skills and earn specific certifications within 3 to 7 weeks. It normally depends on whether a student is attend class in the morning or the evening. However, there is a state board exam that must be passed in order to become a state certified nursing assistant. This is separate from the school training.

Hence, there are many different agencies which assist students in potentially locating jobs. Opportunity is there for many people to gain access to the medical field in a relatively short amount of time. This particular training can be accomplished efficiently at Center for Career Training. The real world knowledge and experience from the faculty and staff can ease concerns about the kind of opportunities that are available for Home Health Aides and Certified Nursing Assistants.

Work as a Patient Care in a Hospital

Work as a Patient Care in a Hospital

It is always amazing to see a student’s face when it is learned they can enter the medical field and possibly work in a hospital within weeks.

In addition to that, a student can become state certified in addition to learning how to draw blood(phlebotomy) and how to read a heart machine (EKG). It is all a rather straight forward process. Center for Career Training specializes in this particular type of training.

A student usually participates in the Nursing Assistant(CNA) training, on the school grounds, while preparing to take the State Board exam.

This is how a student can become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Also, Center for Career Training will allow a student to engage in Phlebotomy and EKG classes.

The combination of all three of these courses can make a student eligible to apply for jobs in a hospital. More specifically, a student can apply for Patient Care Associate(PCA)/Patient Care Technician(PCT) openings. Furthermore, the in class lecture/lab training for this can take only 7 weeks.

This depends on whether a student is attending morning or evening classes. Hence, combining all 3 programs will make going to school shorter and less expensive.

It does not matter if a student is new to the medical field, or if he/she has years of experience.

Working in a hospital is a potential opportunity that could happen if all requirements are met.

Center for Career Training has many student who are either currently enrolled in a Nursing(RN) program, or they plan to eventually attend Nursing school. These students are fond of this combination because it can possibly give experience in a hospital, and the future/current

Nursing Institution can give credit for already being certified. Overall, It is a fun way to learn, and Center for Career Training remains true to its motto of “Fast Medical Training”.

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HHA Program Informations

What Is HHA?
The home health aide program trains individuals who wish to care for clients in private or home care environments and/or healthcare facilities. The program introduces the student to basic patient care and helps satisfy the requirements for employment with agencies who serve medicare and medicaid patients.

Students are awarded a home health aide diploma upon successful completion of the program and after meeting all requirements for graduation.
Training includes:
_ Understanding home health aide services
_ Building a foundation: before client caare
_ Holistic approach to understanding clients
_ Developing personal care and basic healthcare skills
_ Special clients, special needs
_ Practical knowledge and skills in home management
_ Medical terminology and abbreviations
_ Vital signs
_ Career skills
_ Assisting with self administration of medications
_ Alzheimer’s disease
_ Domestic violence and elderly abuse
_ HIPAA – Resident rights
_ OSHA – Bloodborne pathogens – HBV

Through lecture, discussion, testing, hands-on practice and clinical lab experience the home health aide program provides students with both the theoretical knowledge and clinical skills (hands on) training and experience needed for employment.

Class Schedule and length

Monday-Thursday {8:30 am – 2:30 pm} 3.25 weeks (95 hours)
Monday-Thursday {6:00 pm – 10:00 pm} 4.75 weeks (95 hours)

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What CNA do?

Always working under the direction of a nurse (RN or LPN/LVN) theCNA provides hands on nursing care to patients, residents, clients and customers in a variety of health care settings. CNA’s typically provide assistance with bathing, dressing, eating, toileting and oral care to people who cannot do these tasks alone.

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