Patient Care

Training in Patient Care(PCA), Home Health Aide(HHA), and CNA for Creole and Spanish speaking students

Living in diverse South Florida, there are many job opportunities in the medical field. In addition, there is a consistent flow of new Florida residents looking to enter the Medical field. Working as a Patient Care, CNA, or HHA can open job doors for people who speak Spanish and/or Creole.

Center for Career Training is an institution that encourages positive growth among all individuals. Many of their students use English as a second language, and are able to succeed in obtaining the proper certifications.

Although all of the classes are taught in English, Center for Career Training graduates many students who do not claim English as their first language. These includes a great number of Spanish and Creole speaking Students.

The Instructors at Center for Career Training are equipped to properly train these specific types of students…….As long as a genuine efforts is demonstrated on the students’ behalf. Trying goes a long way toward success as a caregiver.

Hence, it does matter where you come from. As long as you put forth that effort, Center for Career Training can assist in learning.

Patient Care

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